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Pool Hours

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Ai Chi

Ai Chi is a simple water exercise and relaxation program performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs, and torso in flowing continual patterns. Ai Chi has been shown to be beneficial for balance improvement, pain management, arthritis, and a great way to relieve stress

AM Energizer

Start your day right with a moderate to higher intensity shallow water workout. Use a variety of equipment for a full body water exercise class. Improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is similar to water aerobics. With its inclusion of upbeat, Latin-inspired music. Aqua Zumba has been described as more of a "pool party" then an exercise class, combining swift movements like splashing, stretching and twisting to work out the body.

Aquatic Gentle Joints

A low to moderate specialized water exercise program designed for individuals with arthritis and joint replacements. Learn a series of exercises to help relieve pain and stiffness, increase and maintain range of motion, and increase muscular strength and endurance.

Aquatics For Arthritis

Gentle exercise designed for persons with physical limitations such as back problems, arthritis or Fibromyalgia. Will help increase flexibility and improve circulation, balance and muscle tone. These classes are taught by instructors certified through the Arthritis Foundation.

Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is great at any age! Basic stroke techniques are taught and you can progress to a level you are comfortable.

Water Games

Play water games to stay fit and have fun.

Water Walking

One of the best forms of exercise you can do just gets better in the pool! You will be walking the length of the pool doing various muscle tone, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve balance and flexibility. So join us to release stress and just have some fun! This is a great class for anyone wanting a low-impact workout or just starting a exercise program.

Water Works

A moderately higher way to start your weekend right with water aerobics to work muscles and increase cardiovascular endurance. Various equipment used.


Better Balance

A little more challenging to prevent falls and improve your balance with moderate to higher leg strenghening exercises to keep you strong and stable! You keep track of your progress with the help and guidance of an instructor. So come and get strong and keep the balance! Better balance is for individuals who would like to maintain balance.


Variety is the name of the game! Circuit training, group cardio machine segments are not out of the question. Includes some kickboxing moves, possibly step or high low aerobics. Come prepared to mix it up! This class could bring something new to keep the time flying

Circuit Slam

Circut Training with some cardio

Forever Fit

A low impact aerobic class that includes cardiovascular flexibility & strengthening segments.
Some work on mat on floor in this mixed-format class.
Class time Monday - 9:45-10:45 AM Ballroom C & D

Formula for Fitness

Work includes; stability balls, weights, developing core muscle, flexibility, bands and a modified version of Pilates for those that cannot easily get up and down from the floor.

Get Up and Go

A variety of exercises to get you moving. Incorporates cardiovascular , strength, balance and flexibility movements.

Go Gently Aerobics

Low to moderate low impact aerobics with limited choreography for those who have just started to attend an aerobics class.

Interval Step Aerobics

A higher intensity workout, this class is for the more advanced exerciser. Consisting of step, high, low and muscle segments to keep your heart rate up consistently for at least 30 minutes.

Jazz Dance - Intermediate/Advanced

Learn Jazz routines to your favorite broadway classics ie; Chorus Line, Cats, Grease, My Fair Lady and other great musicals!

Line Dancing - Ultra beigning

Learn to line dance the basic steps taught in this 30 minute class.

Line Dancing Beginner

Learn different types of line dancing steps. The Instructor will break down the steps and teach you to do different dances. Dancing is a healthy way to have fun! This class is strictly for the beginner student.

Line Dancing Intermediate

Move on and learn more advance dances in this second level line dance class. Patterns become more complicated and technique is fine tuned. Great form of exercise.

Line Dancing Advance

Learn current and up-to-date dances popular in venues. Even more advance movements and dances are included in this level with the opportunity of performing at outside events with the Center Line Dancers.

Mind, Body, Balance

Stretching core & balance movements that will leave you feeling relaxed. Many of the exercises are done in a chair.

Movin & Groovin

Latin & International dance fitness class for the active older & participants needing modifications for success. This class is lower intensity & has slower changes of movement.

Muscle Works

The next step up from Sit & Fit, this class incorporates functional strength training into simple exercises to train our bodies to better perform the types of movements we use for everyday living. This low intensity class is for those wanting to improve balance. The time spent in this class will give us specific strength, flexibility and agility for optimum carryover into daily activities.

OsteoBall Training

This class is designed to increase muscle strength by performing simple exercise. With this ball one can target all major muscle groups of the body. Great for Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis


Anyone can do Pilates! If you're 18 or 108! The only prerequisite to taking this class is being able to get up and down from the floor. Pilates is a progressive series of mat exercises that center on the "powerhouse muscle groups" - back, abdominal, and gluteus muscles - to improve strength, flexibility, balance and posture. This is a progressively taught class so signing up for the session and attending class is a must.

Pilates - Advance

This class will give participants a moderate to higher strengthening workout for those that have gone through and completed Fundamental Pilates. Tone your muscles concentrating on abdominal work. Not recommended for anyone who has not been formally trained in Pilates techniques.

Sit & Fit

This beginner level class is designed to improve joint range of motion, increase flexibility, maintain muscle strength, improve posture, balance and increase endurance. Exercises are done from a chair. This class is offered free to anyone in the community.


A standard class in any major wellness facility, spinning is a workout that will burn the calories. A higher intensity, low impact workout that can be adjusted just for you with personalized resistance. Performed on stationary bikes in a class setting, this 30 minute workout allows each individual to get a great cardio workout while developing lower body muscle tone. Please be aware these bikes are to be used for classes only. They are not intended for individual, unsupervised use by members because of safety issues. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

Spinning Guidelines

  • If it's your first cycling class tell the instructor so they can help you get set up properly

  • Check to make sure all pins and toe clips are secure.

  • New riders should take it slow.

  • The pedals do not rotate backward like on a regular bike. Don't stand and pedal without resistance.

  • For safety reasons, increase resistance when pedaling while standing.

  • Ask your instructor how to add resistance.

  • Learn to handle loss of control.

  • In the event that your feet slip off the pedals, use the emergency brake knob to slow the flywheel and pedals.

  • Ask your instructor how to use the brake.

Spinning Class Reservations

Reservations are recommended for spinning classes. Participants may sign up in person or by phone the day before the class, beginning when the club opens, until 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. In order to accommodate all members, consecutive reservations are not allowed. You may cancel reservations any time before class. Reservations will be forfeited two minutes prior to class. If a class is full, members may put their name on the wait list, they will be given priority for any unclaimed reservations two minutes before class. Members present at the club just prior to class start time may add their names to the standby list for unclaimed reservations. This list is first come first served.

Tap - Beginner

Learning the basics of tap is what this class is all about. Beginners are encouraged to practice and will get individualized attention to advance in technique. For anyone who has ever wanted to learn the fine art of tapping!

Tap & Tone Intermediate/Advanced

This class is a total body workout increasing circulation and muscle tone. This intermediate class develops the skills and techniques learned in Tap Technique. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Please note there are different class levels and times on the schedule. Tap Technique for the beginner, intermediate and advance classes available.

T'ai Chi - Beginners

This 45 minute class will allow individuals to work further on their form along with developing more muscle through longer segments and conditioning. A great way to relieve stress, T'ai Chi will also build strength, improve balance and increase range of motion. T'ai Chi is a proven intervention that prevents falling among older adults. Two studies sponsored by the National Institute of Aging (NIA), found that T'ai Chi can significantly cut the risk of falls among older people and may also be beneficial in maintaining gains made by people age 70 and older who undergo other types of balance and strength training. Further T'ai Chi's non-impact, relaxed environment is ideal for all because it can be adapted to the individual...It has been proven to reduce the risk to seniors of falling by nearly 50% plus it can be done while seated or standing with or without support.

T'ai Chi - Intermediate

For those that have completed beginning T'ai Chi here at The Center. This class will allow you to keep up the challenge of improving balance, breathing, muscle strength, and relieving stress. Practicing the moves you learned in beginner with a few new moves and fine tune the First Form.

T'ai Chi - Advance

For T'ai Chi participants that have completed both beginner and intermediate T'ai Chi classes here at The Center. This class expands on the knowledge, moves and control previously learned. Add strength and more balance through movement while performing more advance Tai Chi moves. Form become more advanced and challenging.

Total Body Circuit

Fast-paced circuit of aerobic exercises and resistance training stations. This is a full-body workout that is easy to follow, improves strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and targets fat loss. You will see an increase in your level of fitness! Appropriate for all levels of fitness, all exercises can be modified.


Start your day relaxed and energized with this introduction to yoga workout. Learn the fundamental principles of alignment and breathing in basic poses. Yoga is appropriate for just about everyone. Postures are broken down into easy to follow components and combined with breath work, meditation and relaxation to strengthen & revitalize the body.


This is the most traditional Zumba class, where participants are instructed to follow basic steps belonging to Latin and international types of dance, like salsa, reggae, belly dancing, waltzing, samba, tango, merengue and the foxtrot. Zumba is a cardiovascular workout, relying on intricate, fast-paced footwork to increase its participants' heart rate. ("Zumba" is Columbian slang for fast)

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